About Us

Natural Beginning Birth Center evolved out of a dream that the providers of OBGYN North had to provide the highest quality care to pregnant women both in and out of the hospital.  This dream started five years ago when the midwives regained hospital privileges in Austin with OBGYN North.  After an earlier attempt to build the birth center in a different location was unsuccessful, the team persevered and ultimately saw the dream realized in Natural Beginning.  The vision was for a luxury hotel environment with high quality medical care adjacent to the OBGYN North office and North Austin Medical Center with an advanced NICU.  Dr. Sebestyen’s one absolute requirement was for this proximity of the birth center to the office and hospital to allow for an additional layer of safety.  The opportunity presented itself in the 12221 Renfert Way building, and the dream began to materialize.  Working alongside the architects at Schneider Halls and the building owner, HCFD, the design for our space took shape.  IE2 took the design and made it a reality, completing the build-out in record time.  The opening reception aptly took place on Labor Day 2013, and the first birth occurred in the birth center on Sunday, September 15th.