That special day has arrived when your labor begins and you are on your way to
meeting your precious baby! At Natural Beginning Birth Center, you can expect this
journey to take place in one of our private labor suites that combines the comforts of
home with the additional technology to keep you both safe. Any loved ones that you
would like to have near for support are also welcome, and can make themselves at
home by gathering in the cozy waiting area complete with a kitchen.

Your dedicated professional team, comprised of a nurse-midwife and registered
nurse, will monitor you closely and help guide you through labor and birth. By
choosing the Natural Beginning Birth Center, you are afforded increased freedom of
movement, the ability to eat and drink, the opportunity to benefit from hydrotherapy, and the delivery position you prefer. Avoiding unnecessary medical interventions and practicing highly
individualized care are what make the birth experience at Natural Beginning Birth
Center truly special.